The hangars

The hangars are modular structures that can be easily manufactured and mounted. Their frame is relatively light (up to 5 kg per meter) and does not require pouring the concrete slabs, this allowing to mount them even in case of temperatures below 0°C.
A wide sphere of hangar use:
- as supplies storages
- production premises
- premises to protect agricultural machinery
- premises to breed up animals and birds
- garages, sheds, etc.
allows to adjust their frames to different dimensions, up to 10.0 m in width and up to 5.0 in height, using a cold-rolled galvanised-iron tube with different rays, depending on the hangar size.
As a rule, the hangar structure is arch-shaped and has curved walls. As well as the block greenhouses are, the hangars may be built as block tunnels connected through gutters and having a triangular roof (fronton) and a roof made of different 2D-materials (such as sandwich panels and so on).
A special non-transparent film and the same aluminium sections, PVC sections, clamps and stretching systems, as in case of the greenhouses, are used to cover the hangars.